garfstontanguicon.gaOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE• 19SECRET OF THE PYRAMIDS BY RICHARD BRIGHTFIELDAn Edward Pack. You can continue your escape adventures in these books, coming soon: #2: TRAPPED lN THE SEA K]NGDOM. #3: TERROR ON KABRAN. #4: STAR SYSTEM. And continue your escape adventures in these books, .. You pick it up and hold it in your arms. Escapet' and Choose Your Own [email protected] series and.

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CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE • 2. WARNING!!!! Do not read this book straight through from begin- ning to end! These pages contain many different. Choose Your Own Adventure Zine Writing Workshop Pong Wolfgun Kelsheimer As a reader I sometimes find myself asking 'what if they chose another course of. With close to two hundred titles, Choose Your Own Adventure is by far the longest-running gamebook series. It grew out of Edward Packard's Adventures of You.

I got that from my Aunt. Looking for others, and failing, I wrote my Roller Coaster Adventure, never to be published. I even wrote others, which ended up trashed. To this day I regret it; so I'd remember how I started. Of course Making Choices Books were all I was looking for at the time. The second I also remember: Cave of Time. From there I've kept collecting them.

I'm hoping to write and publish my own CYOA type books soon; the first will be out this year, or Now that I'm much older, I look back on them with a fond nostalgia. All the times I'd get them out from the library, mapping out every possible route and ending. Great times. Choose Your Own Adventure. The series that started it all for the most part. This was the series that got me into interactive storybooks quite by accident back in the mid-nineties when I was about six years old.

I was going to kindergarten at the time, and I checked out a book that was hardcover but which had a plain white dust jacket presumably to help it survive better in a library. I even got a happy ending on my first read!

Ahhh, the nostalgia. Speaking of nostalgia, the classic series has been reissued. Go to www. There is no sign that an intruder has been there, and you feel relieved. Your room turns out to be a suite, with a bedroom, a sitting room, a small bathroom, and two tiny closets. The bedroom windows are covered with elaborately patterned grillwork. Andrea's room is on the same floor, down the hall. Bruce finally arrives and you show him the note.

For a moment he looks alarmed. Then he smiles. Andrea goes to her room, Bruce retires to the bedroom, and you quickly fall asleep on the couch in the sitting room. There is a heavy smell of incense. A belly dancer sways in the center of the dance floor. You find a table off in a dim corner. You can't see the man you followed, but your eyes are still adjusting to the darkness. My uncle may be in grave danger.

Suddenly a troop of desert warriors on camels appears from nowhere and comes charging toward you. Dark headcloths cover their faces except for their eyes. But instead of the old, long rifles you have seen them carrying in pictures, they all have modern submachine guns—and they are all pointed at you. One of the warriors commands you to raise your hands and march toward the pyramids. A door opens in the base of one of the smaller pyramids, and you and Ahmed are forced into the vault inside.

The door snaps shut behind you. You realize that the "floor" you're standing on is a conveyor belt that is rapidly carrying you toward a wall of flame at the other end of the vault. You try frantically to run back to the door, but the belt is too fast.

You are both swept into the thermal chamber—a chamber that so concentrates the energy of the sun that any object entering it is instantly vaporized. The End 39 As you start to leave the platform, the approaching figure greets you. I greet you from the past" "For a while there I thought we were in the past," you say.

This is a recording—a three-dimensional hologram. My image is programmed to respond to individual personalities such as yours. Even though you may feel my arm as solid—here, I will touch your hand—it is only an illusion. It is too complex to explain, but your descendants will understand someday, just as you know that when you listen to a radio there are not little people in the box making the sounds. I taught them the rudiments of architecture, farming, mathematics, engineering, and medicine.

That was five thousand years ago. But I am not sure I was wise to do it. I will have to decide that when I find time to return. Your planet is in my study quadrant, but it is far out on the edge of the galaxy. At the bottom, a six-foot-square opening penetrates the side wall. A perfectly straight tunnel of the same dimensions goes into the rock—horizontal for a short way, then sloping sharply downward.

The three of you enter it. A hand rope along the wall keeps you from slipping. Your flashlight beams cut into the darkness ahead. Finally you come to a circular room about twelve feet in diameter, directly beneath the center of the pyramid. Now there is a pattern of cracks over here and part of the floor has sunk. You hear a faint rustling and the sound of a door softly clicking shut.

You snap on the small table lamp. Only inches away from your face is an asp, one of the deadliest snakes in the world. You've got seconds before it strikes. If you grab your pillow and try to clamp it down on the snake, turn to page If you back off slowly and call your uncle for help, turn to page These men are fanatics.

They probably would have shot you down. They know that your uncle is working on a way to produce enormous amounts of energy. They would like to steal this secret and use it for their own evil plans.

A most peculiar man, your uncle, if you will pardon my saying so. I feel responsible for your uncle's disappearance.

I will do everything in my power to find him. Inspector Ahmed knocks on the door. No answer. The door is unlocked. You and Ahmed go in. No Andrea! Ahmed flies low over the sand, looking for a stone outcropping that might give you protection from the storm. Below you the sand is being driven across the desert in little whirlwinds. Ahmed shouts your approximate position into the radio, though it's doubtful anyone can hear over the noise of the storm.

He grabs a piece of canvas from the back of the cockpit just as the two of you jump from the helicopter. Seconds later a powerful gust picks the helicopter up and sends it tumbling along the ground like a fragile toy. Go on to page You are temporarily blinded. Your lungs fill with choking dust. Kneel, head to the ground, away from the wind. This sand will wear away our clothing in no time. Then it will start on our flesh.

The roaring of the wind is still so loud that Ahmed must yell directly into your ear for you to hear what he is saying. You are now choking almost to suffocation. Your arms and legs have lost their feeling. Now that they are gone, you wish you had insisted on going with them. It is lonely waiting by yourself. As you wait, you begin to hear some kind of humming. At first the sound is very low. Then it gets louder and louder. It seems to come from a specific spot on the wall.

You walk toward it. They were fitted together so carefully that not even the thinnest piece of paper can be slipped into the joints. Does anyone really know how they got those blocks there? A kind of fog drifts over the screen and then clears away. The pyramid is completed. But what a pyramid! It appears to be early morning.

The top third of the pyramid is sheathed in gold, polished to a mirror finish. The rest of the pyramid is painted in iridescent colors in horizontal stripes clear to the bottom. The early sunlight strikes the top of the pyramid and throws a blinding shaft of light straight up into the sky.

You are so fascinated by this scene that it takes you several minutes to realize that the triangular viewscreen is gradually growing larger.

As you watch, the entire wall of the room becomes a viewscreen, and the other three walls vanish completely. The glowing floor remains, but you seem to be standing in ancient Egypt! Go on to the next page. He comes closer and beckons to the three of you. If you decide to leave the platform, turn to page The kidnappers must have heard the door open.

They reach the back of the truck just as you are trying to open the basket. One of the men is a hulking brute; the other man is the one you saw on the plane and in the airport. They have you boxed in. No use calling for help. No one could hear you over the noise outside. You sit, waiting—and wishing he would come back.

One by one, the people at nearby tables finish their drinks and leave. You suddenly realize that you are alone in the cafe. Then you become aware that there are shadowy figures, each with a submachine gun, standing behind the large pillars around the cafe. The guns open up at you all at once. The End 55 There in the distance, before your eyes, a pyramid emerges out of the sand like the bow of an enormous submarine.

Smaller pyramids rise to encircle it, their surfaces flashing in the sun with the brilliance of polished gold. Bolts of artificial lightning jump from the top of the large pyramid to the tops of the smaller ones, causing booming sounds to reverberate across the desert. I've heard stories of strange devices that can concentrate the sun's energy to almost unimaginable levels. I'm not sure, but I think that is what we are looking at.

Bruce may be a captive down there. If you let Ahmed convince you to slip away, turn to page Someday you or your descendants wil! You will be welcome. For now, farewell. The outside door reopens, and the three of you return the way you came. The next day you watch as workmen fill in the tunnel. When you leave the site, you go past the Sphinx. Perhaps you only imagine that it says: You both take the last sips of water from the canteen.

Your throat is so dry that you can't swallow. Bright spots dance before your eyes—a sign that you are dying of thirst. One slip, and.

You wouldn't be much help to your uncle then. You run down to the lobby and quickly explain the situation to the desk clerk. At that moment a policeman enters the hotel lobby.

The surprised clerk hangs up the phone and looks at him openmouthed. Your instinct takes over as you reach for a short length of pipe on the floor of the truck and lunge at the larger of the two men. You hit his hand with the pipe.

He backs off, howling with pain, and you jump out of the truck. But where is the other man? He gets you from behind. You wake up bound hand and foot in a small compartment.

You can tell you're aboard an airplane from the sound and the vibrations. Your uncle is tied up next to you. He has a wide, bloodstained bandage around his head. But my suspicion is that we've been kidnapped by the infamous Dr. As soon as the instruments are installed underground, we can start our experiments. Now we are ready to descend. You step into a large chamber. You find that the humming comes from a chorus gathered around a large stone sarcophagus.

Inside this is a coffin in the shape of a person. The lid floats a few feet in the air. On one end of the lid is a lifelike sculpture in gold. With a shock you recognize it. It is your own face. Did you really slip and fall? You can't tell. You grit your teeth and wonder how far you will fall before you hit bottom.

You can still hear the humming. It grows louder. You should be terrified— falling down a bottomless shaft in the center of an ancient pyramid, maybe to your death. But you are strangely calm. The musical note seems to have something to do with it. And your rate of falling has slowed.

A strong blast of air from below is cushioning your fall. Suddenly you land—on your feet.

You look around you, amazed. You are on a small platform in the center of an amphitheater of some sort. Around you in a circle are nine white-robed figures on large stone thrones. A central figure sitting on the largest throne speaks: Your mind struggles against it, but the movements of your body are no longer in your control.

You lie down in the coffin. The horrible realization of what is happening fills you with panic—but you are now powerless to move. The lid comes down and covers you. You hear the heavy, grinding sound as the stone lid of the sarcophagus, weighing many tons, slides into place. There is no way out now. You will lie there as long as the stars rise and set over the desert. You have become part of the secret of the Pyramids.

The End 67 You are not sure what is going to happen to you in the pyramid, but if Bruce and Andrea want to go in, you don't see how you can refuse. All three of you enter. The door closes behind you. This module was connected by hyperspace relay to the main galactic computer located in the Sirius star system.

Other pyramids were built to imitate this shape so that the secret could be protected until the right time. It would be catastrophic if this secret fell into the wrong hands. But if we use its information properly, we might be able to solve all of the problems of the world. First, I must explain to you that I am Ptah, direct descendant of the pharaohs. I am here to complete their work. I intend to conquer the world. Several Russian scientists were on the verge of completing a particle-beam ray gun.

By various means I have had them brought here. They have almost completed their work. And now, with you to help them, they will be done in no time at all.

When it is finished, the ray will be directed at a mirror on a space platform that I have already placed in orbit around the earth. I will then be able to bounce the ray back to any point on earth, utterly destroying the targets that I choose. If you refuse to help me, you will be imprisoned on the space platform. I give you exactly one hour to make up your mind.

If you and Bruce pretend to go along with Ptah in order to play for time, turn to page If you think that you should try to escape without delay, turn to page Who is that'" you ask.

Race Forever (Choose Your Own Adventure #7)

But Bruce has no time to answer. The plane is landing. The door of the small compartment opens. Three men grab you and Bruce by the ankles and pull you out of the plane, dumping you on the ground like two sacks of potatoes. You look around. You're at one end of a long, narrow, sandy island, bare except for a few palm trees and a large pyramid-shaped building. Down the beach there is a pier with a motor launch moored to it.

One of the men cuts the ropes on your feet and wrists, then does the same for Bruce. More men appear, carrying rifles. Though clearly not a solid structure like the ancient pyramids—it has rows of windows at various heights—it is still twenty or thirty stories high. A large mast of some sort rises from the top.

The mast is bent sideways to a crazy angle. An electronically controlled door slides open at the base of the pyramid, and you are pushed inside. Then there is silence. Clouds of dust rise from the gaping hole. You wait for several minutes, hardly daring to breathe. He crawls back into the room and leans over the edge of the opening, playing his flashlight down into the space below.

The floor is about fifteen feet down. It's lucky we brought a rope along. It might be better if you run back and bring help while Hassan and I climb down. If you agree to go back for assistance while they investigate, turn to page You pick out the highest dune nearby and climb it.

You reach the top and look down into a huge valley. The sand itself is bright, but in the valley is something even brighter—so dazzling that it blinds you.

Ahmed shields his eyes with his hands. She slides the iron cot over to the door, wedging it closed. And just in time! You hear loud, angry voices on the other side as someone bangs and struggles to get in.

You and Serena jump onto the cot. She cups her hands to give your foot a boost up. Her lift sends you sailing through the window. Flat rooftops stretch in all directions, lit with a silvery light from the moon. You turn to help Serena climb up, but she is already beside you. You dash across the roof. You can't tell how many stories the drop is, but it looks like a long way down.

The gap seems terrifyingly wide. Can you make it if you jump? If you decide to jump, turn to page If you decide to take a chance with the people who are after you, turn to page After a couple of hours of walking through museums, touring ancient mosques and city walls, and looking at parks and monuments, you are very tired. Mohammed finds a colorful cafe on one of the broad boulevards in the modern section of Cairo where you can sit and watch the people go by.

You have been sitting there for awhile when you notice that Mohammed seems very uneasy. Several men who I believe are terrorists have surrounded us. How they found us, I do not know. They may have been following us for some time. I can try to get to a phone, or we can make a run for it. Since our chances are about the same either way, I will leave the decision up to you. If you decide to make a run for the car, turn to page Only you, Bruce, and the Russians have earplugs.

Ptah and his men fall to the ground holding their heads. Seconds later they lose consciousness. In a few minutes a titanic explosion rips the island behind you, but you are already miles away.

The triangular screen reappears, and the images change and flash before you faster and faster. You see more pyramids being built. Now a different culture takes hold. You recognize the Romans in their military helmets. Christian crosses begin to appear. Churches are built, then swept away in a flash. You recognize the signs of Islam, the mosques with their minarets. Then you get a brief glimpse of Napoleon in his characteristic pose, hand in jacket, before the Pyramids.

Then a sign of modern times: The screen fades for a moment. When the images continue, you see tall, strange-looking structures in the distance and flying machines of a design you don't recognize. The screen blurs again. The Pyramids are still there, but the tall structures in the background are gone. The area behind the Pyramids—to the horizon—has been transformed into a green, tree-dotted park. Finally the screen goes blank. Go to the next page. A few minutes later you are making your way toward the surface.

What you see makes you gasp. Grass and parkland extend in all directions as far as you can see. Overhead are those flying machines of the future. The End 78 "Maybe it is better for everyone concerned if I wait at your villa," you tell Ahmed. We will eat early tonight. It is difficult for you to sleep, worrying about Bruce. Finally you do fall asleep. When you wake up, it is already late in the morning. Ahmed has long since left to take charge of the raid.

You walk around the villa. It is very large, with marble floors, wide hallways, and high ceilings. But there is an ominous silence about the place. You decide to leave. It might be a good idea to go back to the hotel and look for Andrea.

When you reach the front door, an armed guard stops you. You go back down the long hallway until you find a telephone in one of the rooms. The phone doesn't work. You suddenly realize that you are a prisoner! This is the true magical form discovered by the ancients. Only the upper, aboveground half of this form is known to those outside our order. We are revealing our secret to you because we hope that you will join us.

Your uncle is one of our initiates. He is now in great danger. If you become a member of our order, you will be much better equipped to find him. This energy will transform your being—and initiate you into the Order of Light.

However, I must warn you that, if you accept these powers, you will also be given profound responsibilities.

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Your life can no longer be a simple one, but must be dedicated to fighting the forces of darkness. If the whole thing sounds too far out to go along with, turn to page You fly east across the desert. The faintest light begins to creep along the edge of the sky. Then a thin layer of red, like glowing embers, grows along the horizon. They will follow the smoke trail. Soon strong gusts of wind begin to buffet the helicopter. Ahmed radios the base. Abort mission for the present.

Weather conditions unfavorable. The wind is stronger now, and steady. The air is filled with a strange fog.

The helicopter begins to cough. We are done for either way. What do you think we should do? If you think you should land while you have a chance, turn to page I don't You awaken outside the pyramid. You are lying on the ground, and Mohammed is putting a damp cloth on your forehead. My head! I don't remember. You knocked yourself out," says Mohammed. Many do it in the dim corridors within the pyramid.

I thought you were a goner when they took you off in that truck. I think I'll have to go back to the States and redesign them. When I come back here the next time, do you want to come along again? The End 84 You are anxious to get to the hotel to find Bruce and Andrea. You feel you cannot go to Serena's village. You thank Serena for her help and slip out of the cart. Where are you? The pale moon lights up an eerie landscape.

Stretching in every direction are small buildings, all deserted. You wander up and down the silent streets until you finally see a group of people huddled in front of a small fire. The night is cool, and they gesture for you to join them.

You stay with them until dawn. With the light of day you realize that you are in a very large cemetery. Those small buildings must be tombs!

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You're not sure of the way out, but you pick a direction and keep going. Finally you reach a small store just outside the cemetery. You find a telephone and call Bruce at the hotel.

I'm leaving right away. The End 85 After what seems like hours, the wind begins to die down and the sky lightens a bit. Somehow you and Ahmed have survived. You rub the caked dirt out of your eyes. You massage your legs to get the circulation back.

Ahmed produces a small canteen from his belt, and you take a sip. It helps a little. You stand up and look around. There is no trace of the helicopter. Hills and valleys of glistening sand stretch endlessly in all directions.

Secret of the Pyramids (Choose Your Own Adventure, No. 19)

If it did, I think we should stay here. If it didn't, I think we should push on. If you want to start out across the desert, turn to page You sit up and try to move, and find that one ankle is chained to the bed. Gradually your eyes become accustomed to the darkness. There is a small window high above you on the wall, and through it you can see a crescent moon shining. You can hear the beat of the music you heard in the cafe. You sit there in the half-darkness trying to figure out how to pick the ancient-looking padlock that secures the chain on your ankle.

The door to the room opens slightly, throwing a shaft of light inside. It's bright enough for you to recognize the dancer from the cafe. Quietly she closes the door and whispers in your ear. I will help you escape. The lock snaps open. It leads to a rooftop.

I will pull myself up and follow. She could be getting you into a worse situation.

You look at the window high up on the wall and then at the open door in front of you. If you decide to accept Serena's help, turn to page If you don't trust her, and try to escape through the door, turn to page Bruce makes an end run around the snake and out the door to the hallway, pushing you ahead.

He slams the door shut BLAM! There is a sharp explosion from Bruce's room. People in nightclothes come staggering half-awake out of their rooms. You meet Andrea in the hallway. She tosses a long native jacket to you. Quickly you throw it on. He heads directly for the wall! At the last moment an electronically controlled door opens, and the car shoots into a pool of water on the other side of the door. The car sinks until it is completely underwater, and then it starts forward. The End 90 You go back up the shaft, using the hand rope to help pull yourself along.

After a short way—it seems very soon this time—the shaft levels out. But you walk on and on—and see no exit. You stop and go back. You reach the point where the shaft goes down, but now the hand rope is missing. In a panic you run back the other way. Your heart is pounding and your palms are sweaty. Now you edge carefully forward, pointing your flashlight down seemingly endless passageways. You reach a fork in the tunnel. You don't remember a fork there before!

Your hands and knees are shaking, but you force yourself to go on. More forks!

You have somehow blundered into a maze of tunnels. You stop for a moment to think. How can you possibly find your way out? Then you remember a rule to follow when you're trapped in a maze: Now maybe you have a chance.

Wearily you start to retrace your steps. You just hope that the rule works. At best you know that it will be a long walk. The End 92 You and Ahmed fly on, taking a last desperate chance. Ahmed is a good pilot, but the storm is too much for the small helicopter. The turbulent air outside is a swirling yellow haze.

The motor begins to sputter—the air intake is completely clogged. Then the motor cuts out completely. You fall like a rock and vanish forever into the vast wastes of the desert. The End 93 "It is better to do something—anything—rather than sit here and wait to die," you say. Ahmed scrapes his digital watch free of dirt. It is already afternoon," he says. Later we can follow it as it sets. In the morning we will head away from the rising sun. If the sun becomes obscured by haze, we will stay where we are.

Otherwise we will run the risk of wandering around in circles. Up and down sand dunes, and then up and down again.

Occasionally you stop to wet your lips from Ahmed's canteen. Then you see it An oasis shimmers in the distance—a glistening pond surrounded by palm trees. Ahmed is strangely calm. After another mile or so of hiking, you realize that Ahmed is right. Nothing is there. Sheets of water seem to materialize, then vanish after you have walked a few yards.

A few hours later, you stop suddenly. Are there sound mirages in the desert? They say Imhotep's tomb is there. I haven't had a chance to explore this tunnel until now. Soon you surface on a broad lake in an underground cavern. In the center of the lake is an island, and in the center of the island is a small pyramid about thirty feet high. It is made of a dull, silvery metal—perhaps platinum. Bruce steers the car to the edge of the island.The Vertacraft has come to rest.

The river spirits have swallowed her. What's more, you begin to have the feeling that you are completely safe. Strange—the triangle has the same design as the coin you tossed down the shaft, only much larger. It is made of a dull, silvery metal—perhaps platinum. You stare into its great blue-green eyes and at once feel com- pletely safe.

I will help you escape.