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Mar 18, Free ebooks Download: The Mahabharata Secret book The About the Book: Mahabharata Secret It is a thriller novel that revolves around. BC Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret—a secret buried deep in the Mahabharata; a secret that could destroy the wor. To ask other readers questions about The Mahabharata Secret, please sign up. Popular u please tell me the procedure to download this book via ebook?.

The reference to a library is nonexistent in the novel. This could have been done in a different way, like an ongoing investigation of events in various libraries and be meeting other experts rather than googling everything and taking a print out. Also, something else could have been done, like a curfew on a national highway at the end of the book in order to stop the terrorists, part of the Lashkar-e-Taiba.

The language of the book is lucid, simple, and has a flow to it. Many Indian writers in English fail to bring this flow to their language. Only very few of them were about to impress me in this category. Doyle is one of them. This is a great compliment, Mr Doyle if you are reading this- do rejoice. You have earned it. The book is pages long and seems to have , plus words. Inside the caves they unearth another such ball with inscriptions on it. However, Vijay and Radha are kidnapped by Farooq.

Imran suspects Bheem Singh and investigates in his basement, but gets caught. Bheem explains that the Vimana Parva of the Mahabharata spoke about ancient arsenal which could be made invisible by covering them with an undisclosed element, thus making them fatal.

This was what the Nine tried to protect. Imran understands that Bheem was allied with Farooq and were trying to discover the secret location of the weapons. In an ensuing conflict, Bheem's attack on Imran backfires and he himself is killed.

Farooq had given 48 hours time to Vijay's friends to decipher the meaning of the final clue in the ball. They unearth the final secret to be at Hazaribagh , atop a hill called Marang Buru.

Farooq and his men escape with Vijay on being notified of Imran's advance, leaving Radha behind. As the whole group reaches Marang Buru, there it is revealed that Greg was actually an assassin employed by Farooq called Murphy, impersonating the real Greg White. On Farooq's insistence, Vijay and Colin enter the hill and through numerous chambers reach the secret vault of the Nine.

There they discover the giant artillery, including the nuclear weapons. Farooq and his henchmen start collecting the weapons, unaware that Imran and Indian commandos had surrounded them. Colin, Shukla and Vijay are rescued and reunite with Radha, with Imran driving them away from Hazaribagh.

Im sorry; I should have been gentler in breaking the news. I just wasnt thinking. Through the minute drive to his hotel, Whites thoughts revolved around Vikram Singh. He recalled how, a few years ago, he had scoffed at Vikram when he had shared his idea about the Nine and their true purpose, over the centuries.

And now, he was dead, murdered. He reached the hotel and made his way up to his room, as if in a daze. As he approached the room, he gave a start. The door was ajar. Was one of the housekeeping staff inside? White cautiously pushed the door open and peered inside. The room seemed to be in order. He reprimanded himself; Bheem Singhs words of caution and the news of Vikrams death had psyched him so much that he was imagining things. The housekeeping staff had probably been negligent in locking the door after them.

He made a mental note to complain in the morning. For now, he planned on having a large Scotch and a light dinner before turning in early. The jetlag, too, was beginning to take its toll. He entered the room and shut the door, double-locking it behind him. Flinging his jacket on the bed, he bent down to open the mini bar. A shadow fell across the small refrigerator, but before he could react, something hard hit him at the base of his neck and everything went black.

Homi nodded to Vijay. Let me know if you plan to visit Delhi in the next few days. We can schedule a meeting to complete the paperwork related to your uncles will. Or, I can always get the papers to the fort. Whatever works better for you.

Vijay returned to the living room and joined Shukla and Radha. They had offered to stay the night and keep him company. Thanks for being here, he said. It would have been difficult to stay alone in the fort tonight. He looked at his watch. Id better be going. Colins flight arrives at 5. You can ask the butler for dinner. Ill eat when Im back. Exactly two hours later, he was pulling into the parking lot of the T3 terminal at Indira Gandhi International Airport.

He found a vacant slot for his uncles BMW, and made a dash for the arrival hall. There werent too many international flights arriving at this time so there was a sparse collection of people who had come to greet the arrivals on the American Airlines flight from Chicago. Vijay swiftly made his way to the arrival area. He quickly spotted the tall, blonde, young man, carrying a laptop and wheeling a large yellow suitcase, scrutinising the faces of those waiting for the passengers.

Vijay shook his head and smiled. Even if he couldnt spot Colin, it would be difficult to miss that bright yellow suitcase! He had met Colin Baker at MIT and, despite being from two different worlds, they had become close friends.

Vijay and Colin had played together in the MIT rugby and football teams and shared a sense of humour which had cemented their friendship. After graduating, they had shunned employment and teamed up to start a technology firm in San Jose, which was now working on developing a technology to convert sunlight into electricity using the thermoelectric effect.

They were similar in many ways; both were tall and broad- shouldered and keen athletes, and spent at least one month in the year together, trekking, cycling and camping out.

They shared a sense of adventure that seemed to be at odds with their aptitude for technology and enjoyed any activity that had any kind of risk associated with it.

But that was where the similarities ended. Colin had blonde hair, blue eyes and filmstar looks, while Vijay was dark-haired and unconventionally good-looking. Colin was the life of every party while Vijay was more reserved. Vijay whooped, and the tall, young man turned to look in his direction.

A smile immediately spread over his face, the warmth reflected in his eyes. The two friends embraced warmly. Colin waved a hand at the people around them.

I thought India had a large population and expected more people to turn up to welcome me. Is this all you could muster?

Vijay shook his head in mock exasperation. Come on, lets get out of here. They made their way to the car park where the BMW was parked. Mmm, nice car, Colin looked it over admiringly. The latest 7 series model. Your uncles? Vijay nodded. Uncle bought this a few months back. He paused, before adding, He liked cars and could afford a fleet, but never owned more than one at a time. I guess thats because theres space for only one car at the fort.

Are we going there straightaway? Colin enquired Im looking forward to staying in a real Indian fort. Youll like it. Its years old and more peaceful than the city. He turned onto the highway that connected Delhi with Jaipur and accelerated. Looks like New York, Colin remarked.

I mean the tight squeeze out there. Vijay grinned. The blaring horns of the tightly packed traffic could be heard even inside the BMW. After a while, the highway suddenly broadened and traffic slowed.

Gosh, will you look at that traffic. Colin gazed out at the sea of cars, buses and trucks that stretched out before them. Its the toll plaza, Vijay grumbled, manoeuvring his way through the densely packed traffic until he could proceed no further. Theres a second one ahead thats as bad. I have something to tell you, he said once he managed to work out which queue they were in. Somehow, remarkably, the tsunami of vehicles sorted themselves out into lanes that led to the individual toll gates ahead.

Colin listened intently as Vijay brought him up to date on the events of the last three days. I hope they find out who did it and why.

But I dont understand why your uncle sent you those mails. They dont make sense. I just cant shake off the feeling that uncle was trying to tell me something. Suppose he knew the intruders? Lets say his alarm system warned him that it was being hacked and he realised his life was in danger. What would he do? Perhaps he felt he should leave behind something for me; a message hidden in emails that didnt make sense, so that whoever murdered him and stripped the study wouldnt find what they were looking for.

But I dont know where to start figuring this out. Suddenly, Colin let out a yell. Look out! A black Mercedes with tinted black windows rushed out from an adjacent toll gate and overtook them, almost hitting the BMW in the process. Bloody idiot! Vijay, shaken, slowed down the car and watched the Mercedes race away over the flyover.

Once on the flyover, Vijay began moving back and forth between lanes to Colins consternation. Slow-moving and fast-moving traffic mingle in India, he explained to his friend. There isnt a concept of a fast lane. Well, in theory there is, he corrected himself. Grinning, he looked in the rear-view mirror and prepared to change lanes again. His grin changed to a frown as he swung the BMW into the lane on the left. Almost immediately, he overtook the car on his right and swung back into the right lane, accelerating as he executed the manoeuvre.

Whats up? Colin noticed his expression. Its funny, but theres a black Ford Endeavour that seems to be sticking to our tail. Vijay glanced in the mirror again, and moved two lanes to the left.

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Colin glanced back and sat upright. Youre right. The Endeavour just changed two lanes. Its right behind us now. Okay, Im going to test him. Vijay swerved to the furthest lane on the right, eliciting angry honks from the cars whose paths he cut across. The Ford followed suit, equally unconcerned about the indignation of the other drivers. Vijay couldnt figure out why the Ford was sticking to them, but he was worried. He had heard stories of cars being stopped by goons in Gurgaon and the occupants robbed of their belongings and vehicles.

He cut across to the left, heading for the nearby exit. Hes right behind us, Colin remarked, looking back. Vijay swerved the BMW to enter one of the villages that dotted either side of the highway and immediately got swamped by cows, dogs, bicycles, tractors, cars and vans that slowly made their way between shops on either side.

The Ford was faring no better, its bulk slowing it down. Colin asked, Dyou know where you are going? Vijay shook his head. No idea. I just want to get that guy off our tail. Whoever he is, hes bad news. He spotted a gap in the traffic and an alley leading off the road they were on. It was narrow but it seemed to be free of vehicles. It was a concrete alley just able to fit two cars abreast.

Vijay hoped that they wouldnt come across another car coming from the opposite direction. Hes turned in behind us, Colin updated Vijay, who swore under his breath and accelerated.

The BMW came to the end of the alley. Ahead was the main road.

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Left or right? Vijay wondered aloud. Hes coming at us, Colin warned. Just go left. Vijay stepped on the accelerator and the car lurched forward as he swerved sharply into the main road.

A black Mercedes was bearing down upon them, from the right, while another black Ford Endeavour raced towards them from the opposite direction. This isnt good. Colin shook his head. These guys are coordinating this chase. Theyve been with us for a while. That Merc was at the toll plaza. Vijay nodded, his eyes glued to the road as he weaved through the meagre traffic on the road.

A quick glance in the rear-view mirror showed the two Fords, close behind, weaving through the traffic at high speed. The second Ford had made a U-turn and joined the one that had been chasing them so far.

Where was the Mercedes? Suddenly, the traffic thinned out to almost nothing and Vijay pressed the accelerator pedal to the floor. The sudden rush of power to the engine propelled the car forward, but the near absence of traffic had given the Fords the opportunity to speed up as well. A roundabout came into view up ahead. Colin quizzed, You arent going to slow down? Vijay nodded grimly. I think this car can take that turn at high speed.

Fantasy writer Christopher C. Doyle tells t2 about the Mahabharata and science: The Telegraph

At least it will do a better job than the Fords. They are top heavy and I dont think theyll dare try.

Colin grinned. This is more like it.

I prefer this welcome to the one you gave me at the airport. This is dangerous. Vijay smiled despite himself. The adrenalin rush felt good, he had to admit. He forced himself to focus on their objective. They had to get rid of their pursuers. Whoever they were! They gained on the roundabout, the Fords still at the same distance behind them.

It looked like Vijays plan was going to work.

The Mahabharata Secret

The roundabout was now just metres ahead of them and Vijay braced himself to handle the car as it rounded the bend. Suddenly, he caught a flash of black out of the corner of his eye. The black Mercedes! The driver obviously had swung into the service road on the right, and had moved in parallel with the BMW, matching their speed.

Vijay had been so intent on losing the Fords that he hadnt noticed the Mercedes racing in the same direction. It reached the roundabout before them and slowed down as it swung around the roundabout and directly into the path of the BMW.

Colin noticed the car now. Vijay didnt have an option. He slammed the brakes and swerved to the left in one action, to avoid crashing into the other car. The BMWs tyres screeched and the car wobbled on its suspension as they narrowly missed the Mercedes and screeched to a halt. Barely had the car stopped than there was a loud crash, with the BMW being pitched forward violently; one of the Fords had smashed into the car. The airbags ballooned, as Vijay and Colin were thrown forward with the force of the impact.

Are you okay? Colin enquired tremulously of Vijay. I think so, Vijay grunted. Just badly shaken. Footsteps approached and they perceived five men standing outside the car. A thrill coursed through Colin as he realised that each one carried a 9mm mini UZI sub machine gun, capable of firing 1, rounds per minute in closed bolt position.

The Mahabharata Secret

A few curious bystanders had gathered around, attracted by the accident, but scattered immediately when they saw the weapons. Two cars passed, slowing to observe the scene, but they, too, speeded up when they saw the guns. Now, there were just the two friends and the armed men. One of the men, apparently the leader of the group, barked orders in a strange language, his voice harsh and grating. They didnt offer any resistance. It would have been foolish under the circumstances.

Vijay glanced at the Ford that had smashed into his car. The SUV was a wreck but the driver was climbing out, unhurt,with just a limp.

The two friends were rounded up and taken to the second Ford and dumped in the back, their hands bound behind their backs.

Outside, they saw one of the men get behind the wheel of the BMW. It started smoothly and after some instructions from the leader, the man drove the car away. The leader and another man got into the Mercedes and the other two settled into the remaining Ford, after blindfolding their captives. In a few minutes, the convoy was driving towards the highway again, leaving the wrecked Ford behind.

Vijay and Colin sat helplessly in the SUV. They were prisoners but who were their captors? And why had they been taken captive?

For the past three hours, they had cut a path through the jungle. It was the monsoon season and the humidity was stifling.

Flies and mosquitoes buzzed around his ears. Surasen was breathing hard as the path sloped gently upwards. The forest was still. To Surasen it seemed that the jungle and its inhabitants were holding their breath, waiting to discover what would happen when he reached the end of his journey.

He was aware that the forest had grown increasingly dense in the last few hours. There, the jungle-dweller, who was leading them, said suddenly, as he pointed to the fronds and the closely packed trees. Surasen held up his hand to halt the progress of the soldiers who accompanied him and they crowded around him in a tight knot. Stay here.

Wait for me. My lord.

The commander of the troops was hesitant. Is it safe to go on by yourself? Surasen shook his head firmly. I will be quite safe by myself. But, if I dont return in one nadi you may come after me. With these words he stepped forward and moved aside the curtain of leaves and creepers, revealing a hidden gully that sloped gently downwards, disappearing into the thick foliage and undergrowth.

He took a deep breath and started down the gully, the thickly clustered creepers closing in behind him, concealing him from the others. He drew his sword and slowly moved forward, squeezing through the trees and treading on a thick carpet of dead and fallen leaves that covered the floor of the forest. It was darker here than the rest of the forest.

Looking up he discerned the reason for the gloom. Through the trees loomed the outline of a rocky outcrop, perhaps a small hill, which cast its shadow over this part of the jungle. The path continued till it reached the base of the hill and disappeared behind a rock face that stretched for sixty feet around the foot of the hill.

Surasen approached the hill and hesitated; he stood before the crevice between the rock face and the hill. It was just wide enough for a man to squeeze through sideways, and led into a yawning black opening. Stooping, he peered into the opening but nothing was visible in the inky blackness that stretched before him. Clutching his sword tight, he stepped into the darkness, using the sword and his free hand to guide his path. As far as he could perceive, he was in a narrow passage, barely wider than the breadth of his shoulders.

Slowly, he made his way through the passage, trying to ignore the claustrophobic feeling that was washing over him; and fending off the thought that he was walking through the base of the hill, with tons of rock sitting above him.

After a while, the walls of the passage abruptly vanished and he realised that it had widened. Almost simultaneously, a dim light pierced the darkness around him, as if the rays of the sun had somehow filtered through the layers of rock above and reached these depths.

Surasen could now make out that he was in a tunnel carved through the rock. Whether it had been created by natural forces or the hand of man he couldnt discern, but men had certainly been at work here, for the walls and floor of the tunnel were smooth and even. He walked cautiously through the passage, testing each step before moving forward.

There was no apprehension of supernatural beings anymore; he worried more about any possible traps that men may have laid to protect this place.

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Perspiration dripped down his face and body, drenching his clothes. Abruptly, the tunnel ended, opening into an immense cavern which was also dimly lit by the unseen source of light.

Surasen gasped in disbelief.

The roof of the cavern soared above him into the darkness, untouched by the light, and he couldnt see the far walls from where he stood. But it wasnt the size of the rocky chamber that took his breath away. It was what lay before him that rendered him speechless. A chill ran down his spine and a strange sensation, a mix of elation and horror, swept over him. He couldnt believe his eyes. He now understood Emperor Asokas words of caution and his cryptic instructions. The legends of old were true.

What lay before him in the cavern could put the world in terrible danger. It had been a long drive and they had spent much of that time speculating about who their captors were and what they wanted with them. One thing I know, Vijay said in a low voice, hoping the men in front couldnt hear them, is that they arent Indians.

I dont know what language they speak, but it definitely isnt one of ours. They were following us for a while, probably from the airport itself, added Colin. It was well-orchestrated, Vijay agreed. They probably planned to jump us on the highway, once wed left habitation behind.

When I got off the highway, they decided to pool their resources to stop us. But this was crazy. We could have died out there, either by smashing into the Merc or when the Ford hit us. I wonder what they want from us, Colin said soberly. I cant think of anything I have that could be of interest to anyone else. And the same goes for you. A thought struck Vijay. It made him shiver. Dyou think they have some connection with Uncles killers? He voiced the thought. Despite his blindfold, he knew immediately that this resonated with Colin.

They heard the rear door of the Ford being opened and were roughly dragged out of the car and into a building, down a staircase. Their blindfolds were removed to reveal that they were in a windowless room, dimly lit by a single fluorescent tubelight. A stale smell hung in the air suggesting that the room had been locked or unused for some time. Three chairs stood in the room and they were swiftly bound to two of the chairs. What now? Vijay wondered as the men left the room. After a while, four men entered the room.

Two of them were armed with Uzis. One of the new faces, a medium-sized man with a pleasant, clean-shaven face and sharp eyes pulled up the third chair and sat facing the two captives. His demeanour indicated that he was the leader of this group. He stared intently at the two prisoners for a few moments. Vijay stared back defiantly. Though he was terrified inside, he didnt want to show his fear to his captors. But he said nothing.This book is full with surprise elements and will keep the readers hooked till the end and will make them gasp for the secret to reveal.

Doyle was also intrigued by the Indian epic Mahabharata which translated into "this is what happened". It was narrow but it seemed to be free of vehicles. They travel to Bairat and find a hidden library of the Nine, but are imprisoned inside by Farooq and his men.

He gaped as he read the first mail. A mistimed grenade blasts the secret cavern, destroying the hillside and killing off Farooq and the others, thereby wiping out the Nine's secret. I just cant shake off the feeling that uncle was trying to tell me something.