PDF's, how about a self owned hard copy. If you want to download from online http:// Koirala/dp/ /sr=/qid=/ref=sr_1_1/ C# and ASP. NET projects. 50 Scientifically. Proven Ways to. Be Persuasive. Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. Martin,. Robert B. Cialdini. Bestselling .NET Interview Questions and. NET Interview Questions Shivprasad Koirala - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text NET behind code and do unit testing on them. The ASP. ASP. rhino mocks etc .

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Dot Net Interview question by Shivprasad Koirala - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online for free. Dotnet interview questions by. Do you want to download Shivprasad interview questions 6th edition 4 INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND. ANSWERS PDF FOR EXPERIENCED ASP. NET: Interview Questions: Shivprasad Koirala: Books. is not only useful for Interview preparation but also for learning several DotNet concepts.

NET code. How do I create a Http context object , how do I simulate the sender and eventargs objects of the button clicks etc. FYI: - Many developers would talk about mock test, rhino mocks etc but still its cryptic and the complication increases with session variables, view data objects, ASP. NET UI controls creating further confusion. The data logic classes are already time tested components like enterprise data block, entity data context or LINQ data context.

So we really do not have to put lot of effort on testing the DAL separately.

In case you have custom data access layer it will be still easy to test them as they are simple. NET classes. The middle tier is again a simple. Now comes the most important one the behind code. The behind code has lot of action and testing them is one of the most important things.

The only way to invoke these codes are by doing manual test. From a longer run perspective this would not be a great choice. Even though www. CS cannot be decoupled in reality thus reducing reusability.

Yes, Microsoft did said first that the behind code is different and the UI is different but then they are probably separate physical files only and one cannot just exist without other. In other words we would like to reuse the behind code.

Just think how can we do the same using the current behind code. The behind code is moved to a simple. NET class called as controller. Any user request first comes to the controller class, the controller class then invokes the model and attaches the model to the view for display to the end user.

These do not include ASP. So once you have all your pre-requisite its time to start with the first lab. Lab Creating a simple hello world ASP. So we will create a simple controller, attach the controller to simple index. Video demonstration for Lab 1 In case you want spend more time with your family rather than reading the complete article you can watch the below 5 minute youtube video. NET class we can reuse and also do unit testing easily. These include ASP. Once you click ok, you have a readymade structure with appropriate folders where you can add controllers, models and views.

Once you add the new controller you should see some kind of code snippet as shown in the below snippet. So click on the Index function which is present in the control and click on add view menu asshown in the below figure.

The add view pops up a modal box to enter view name which will be invoked when this controller is called as shown in the figure below.

I have used the below youtube video for reference purpose. And would encourage any new ASP. I have broken this tutorial in to two parts. In part 1 we will see what we need to start MVC , we will learn the basics of creating controller , models and view and then we would create a simple student data entry screen and see how it works with the HTTP Post and submit.

In the next article we will learn validations both client side and server side and also we will looking to how to interact with SQL Server using ADO. For doing ASP. So go ahead and install visual studio from the below link. Visual studio is an official IDE for doing any kind of Microsoft development work. And to do any Microsoft development we need to create a project. So click on file — menu and project as shown in the below figure. As said previously visual studio is used to do any kind of development like Windows, mobile , web and so on.

So when we say ASP. Now remember ASP. So once you create the project you will get lot of options, select MVC from the same as shown below. We will learn more about authentication and authorization later. Lets first get our simple hello world project running and keep complicated things later. Once you click ok you should see the MVC project created with all necessary files as shown below.

Do not get too much confused about the folder and file structure for now. In MVC architecture the first hits comes to controller, which in turn loads the model data and this model data is then sent to the view. So the first step is to create the controller. If you see the solution there is a controller folder.

The next thing you will see is lot of readymade controller templates. Now when we add a controller, do not delete the word controller from the file name. So now that we have added controller, lets add view.

To add view go to views folder and add view as shown below. In the HomePage. Do not get discouraged. This error comes because you have not specified the controller and action name. On the browser URL type your controller name without the word controller followed by action name as shown below.

Till now we have not added any model. So let us go ahead and create a simple model by the name students.

A model is nothing but a class. So right on models folder and add a class as shown in the below figure.

.NET Interview Questions-7th Revised and Updated Edition

Once you write the coderebuild the solution. So we have completed the model and the controller let us add a view for the same. Layout pages are like master pages in ASP. NET webforms. So now the user will enter data and click on Submit button , we need some kind of logic in the controller for handling the submit click. When this submit action is called the data sent from the form will be collected and displayed in a view.

When the user click on submit we need to send data to the submit action. And also ensure that all textboxes are provided with a name as shown in the below code. For now keep name of the textbox and the class property names same. Pages Home download NET and C step by step with interview question videos.

Actual parallelism means you execute multiple task on multiple cores parallely. Posted by Shivprasad Koirala at Concurrency , Concurrent , Parallel , Parallelism. Monday, June 11, bin vs obj folders in C. Friday, November 3, What is the best project folder structure for Angular projects? If you have a big project then inside in the client folder you can create sub folder which represent modules of your project.

Normally developers divide project in modules for better management so these subfolders represent those modules. In this those module folder you can have separate folder for component, model, module and routing.

A common folder is also needed where in you can push your common utilities like common pipes, filters, http components, injectables and so on. Server folder will have its own folder structure depending on whether you are doing ASP.

In this discussion we will restrict only to client side angular folder structure. Posted by Shivprasad Koirala at 4: Angular training , angular training in mumbai , Learn Angular , project structure angular. Monday, August 21, What is package-lock. Learn Angular Step by Step. So in this Angular tutorial we will unleash the importance of this lock file.

To understand the importance of lock lets understand how software versioning works. Most software versions follow semantic versioning. In semantic versioning, versions are divided in to three distinct numbers as shown in the image below. Major version: Minor version: So there are no new functionalities added, no breaking changes and back ward compatible with old code. Exact 1. If that version is not available it will throw up an exception.

So if 1. For if 1. As discussed in the previous sections package.


Now suppose in your package. So in package. Below is the image snapshot of both the files. Do not miss our Learn Angular Step by Step in 8 hours video training series: Posted by Shivprasad Koirala at 6: Contents Introduction Point 1: So in this small note we will discuss about differences between them and when to use what.

WriteLine i.

WriteLine obj. WriteLine str.

Equals str1 ; But now look at the below code where we are explicitly creating new separate objects of string with same value. Posted by Shivprasad Koirala at 7: Net , C Equal , Csharp interview questions. Contents Learn ASP. Understanding Model binder Step Create model Binder Class.

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Attach the binder with the object and execute Step Implementing validation Step Check If the validations are proper Step Read More. Top 50 Technical and Non-technical Questions Chapter 2: You can expand the tree for detail information regarding the DLL like methods etc.

Akshay Varma. An assembly contains metadata information, which is used by the CLR for everything from type checking and security to actually invoking the components methods. One example of this is the ability to run XML parsers, XSL transformations and even resource hungry session objects on other servers. Okuboyejo Damilola Ayokunle. Also I have reworked on the answers to make it to the point.