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Am J Ind Med. Radon testing in households with a residential smoker - United States, — Centers for Disease Control.

Symbiotic Associations Between Termites and Prokaryotes

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Lack of evidence for an association between the frequency of mutants or translocations in circulating lymphocytes and exposure to radon gas in the home.

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June 23, Eatough JP. Alpha-particle dosimetry for the basal layer of the skin and the radon progeny Po and Po.

Phys Med Biol. Radon and thoron associated dose to the basal layer of the skin. Personal monitoring of Po and Po radionuclide deposition onto individuals under normal environmental exposure conditions. Quantitative aspects of radon daughter exposure and lung cancer in underground miners.

Br J Ind Med. Human exposure. In vivo measurement of lead as an indicator of cumulative radon daughter exposure in uranium miners. Radiation dose to the human respiratory tract from inhalation of radon and its progeny. Appl Radiat Isot. Radiation poisoning; pp. Interim radon and radon decay product measurement protocols. By contrast, observations on river-influenced shelves indicate a high abundance of terrigenous material in sea ice and the potential for increasing DOC concentrations with sea-ice melting Eicken, ; Eicken et al.

The varying results of these studies suggest the impact of sea ice on DOM is region-dependent and warrants further study. With a few exceptions Anderson et al. It is less clear how DOM is distributed throughout the deep Arctic. Profiles of transient tracers e. Griffith et al. The observed variations in the age of water and DOC suggest that DOC could be degraded in the deep Arctic and may exhibit unique vertical concentration gradients absent in other ocean basins.

The primary objective of this study is to improve understanding of the sources, concentrations and distributions of DOM, and the processes that shape patterns of spatial and temporal variability. Sources of freshwater are quantified to examine the regional influence of meteoric water and sea-ice melt on DOM in polar surface waters. The patterns observed in Arctic surface waters are discussed in the context of climate-driven changes in circulation. Profile samples were collected at various depths 2— m at 17 stations using a rosette sampler equipped with 24 Niskin bottles and a Conductivity-Temperature-Depth CTD probe Sea-Bird SBE45 used to measure water salinity, temperature, and pressure.


Additional total silicon concentrations were measured on separate samples using an Agilent Inductively-coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg, FL. Map of the study region and sampling locations in the western Arctic Ocean.

Original Research ARTICLE

Water samples were collected from the surface 8 m and depth profiles 2— m; denoted by numbers during three summer cruises in , , and The blue, red, and black dashed lines show the average sea-ice edge for September , , and , respectively. The broad spatial scale of sampling in this study covered a wide range of environments that varied substantially in sea-ice cover Figure 1.

Sea-ice area in the Arctic Ocean reached a low of 3. Comparisons in summer sea ice cover among , , and revealed a notable ice reduction in in the northern Chukchi Borderland, southern Mendeleev Plain, and the central and southern areas of the Canada Basin Figure 1. Milli Q water and deep-sea reference standards University of Miami were injected every 6th sample.In: Drake HL ed Acetogenesis. Indoor radon and lung cancer in China. Health Phys. Biol Bull — Google Scholar Cleveland LR Symbiosis among animals with special reference to termites and their intestinal flagellates.

Comment in: Health Phys 91 4 , author reply