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A Memory of Light Audiobook free – The Wheel of Time book 14 – END Listen and download The Wheel of Time Audiobook Free by Robert. Listen to Memory of Light: Book Fourteen of The Wheel of Time audiobook by Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan. Stream and download audiobooks to your. Wheel Of Time audiobook online downloads, search for free unabridged audio book A Memory of Light () (Book 14 in the Wheel of Time series) - Robert .

For an explanation of my Wheel of Time retrospective, see the previous posts on the topic. Before we begin, it should be stated that this post will contain spoilers for the entire series, ending included. Now we come to the big one. The Last Battle, the final book of the Wheel of Time. Many of these things did need to be tied up, but it needed to happen in a way that came together into a story.

I wanted to keep writing Perrin, so I did his sequence for the book first. It worked, to an extent. I love the Perrin parts of this book. However, by the end—and after finishing the other viewpoints—we found that the book had way too much Perrin in it. Cutting the sequence where Perrin travels through the Ways to try to close the Caemlyn waygate from behind was one method of balancing this out.

This was a 17,word sequence and it ended with the Ogier rescuing Perrin and his company from the Black Wind, driving it off with their song. Otherwise, Perrin ended up as I wanted him. A lot of people were surprised that I knocked him out of the fighting for a big chunk of the Last Battle, but I felt it appropriate.

It brought real impact to the Slayer fight, where Perrin was left wounded. Egwene There were three particular things that were quite a challenge in writing this last book. When Robert Jordan died, I felt as though I'd lost a good friend. The two of us had never met, nor had we ever spoken, but I feel that I knew him. The books that he left behind are full of his personality, his humor, his views on the world.

His books have brought me together to meet some of my dearest friends, and have influenced my career choices. Jordan and "The Wheel of Time" have had a huge impact on my life. I was apprehensive of any author taking the helm and finishing the story in his absence.

Wheel of Time

You don't just replace an old friend with a shiny new one like nothing has happened. However, Brandon Sanderson, while not perfect, has exceeded my expectations in finishing these final volumes. I am grateful to him for taking the time and the effort to do the absolute best that he was capable of doing to make these books as good as they have turned out. I don't even know how to describe this book.

I just don't know the words for it. Epic is so overused these days that it has almost become meaningless. Exquisite, maybe? No, no, that sounds like I'm plagiarizing the book. I'll go with that one. This book is glorious. It is magnificent.

It is the culmination of a fourteen book series that has spanned across twenty-two years of my life, and its end left me teary-eyed and speechless. I like to avoid saying that a book is the best that I have ever read, because such generalizations are usually rather silly. Not to mention the fact that without the thirteen books that come before this one to build such a firm, solid foundation for it, "A Memory of Light" is rather meaningless on its own. However, within my all-time favorite book series, this one has become my favorite book, and it is one of the most spectacular endings to any story I have ever had the pleasure to read.

Supporting characters bite it by the dozens in ridiculously heroic ways, the world comes inches from destruction, balancing upon the choices of a single man, Rand Al'thor. Trollocs have flooded out of the Blight, laying entire nations to waste, and the combined forces of the Light meet them on all fronts, but when Demandred arrives in the thick of battle, leading the combined might of Shara, they are forced into retreat. Everything falls upon Mat Cauthon, the only general remaining on the field.

He gathers everything to the Fields of Merrilor for a last, desperate stand against the forces of the Shadow. There is no retreat.

There is victory, or there is death. Men, women, children, the elderly, everyone who can hold a weapon, fight, or help in any way flocks to his banners to defend the world from the oncoming tide of oblivion as Mat plays the greatest game of his life.

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He matches his skills as a general against those of Demandred, the greatest general that the Shadow has ever had to offer. Outnumbered four to one, Mat's only hope lies in his luck, and in the timely arrival of the Horn of Valere. Demandred rants and raves, shouting for Rand to show himself and fight, and many champions of the Light throw themselves against him, seeking to behead the beast, the seeming only chance of victory, only to fall to his blade.

Characters begin dropping left and right, some of them I expected, but others came as a complete shock to me.

Close to the Dark One, time changes, and mere hours stretch into weeks on the outside, as the forces of the Light are pounded nearly to submission. He and the Dark One struggle against one another, a mere mortal standing up to a universal force, and finally coming to the realization of what his purpose in the grand scheme of things has always been.

In the end, triumph over the Shadow can only be bought at the price of hundreds of thousands of brave, heroic lives. For even if Rand succeeds, the armies of the enemy still threaten the world. The Good? This book is all battles, characters dying heroic deaths, doing things that are ridiculously awesome, and generally blowing up just about everything. Normally, a book that was all action, and not much else, would be a bad thing.

But, the thing is, "The Wheel of Time" has earned this ending. It has earned the right to give us nothing but action for an entire book through thirteen previous books building up to this point.

A Memory of Light: Book Fourteen of The Wheel of Time

One could say that the entire book is in, and of itself, just one gigantic, explosive climax, though it does still have a narrative, and build to a glorious climax all of its own. Even now, at the end, characters still show that they can learn, grow and develop as people.

Rand, Egwene, Perrin, Mat, Pevara, Logain, and even Olver all have very satisfying character growth throughout the fight. This book is exquisitely written.

Brandon Sanderson did an excellent job of filling in for Robert Jordan. I cannot thank him enough for working so hard to complete these final three volumes as well as he did.

It is true that Sanderson's grasp of military tactics is not as keen as Jordan's were, and so he did something brilliant. He didn't focus on the tactics as Jordan likely would have. He focused on the characters instead, and that more than fills in his lack of experience with arraying armies and the like.

I found myself cheering out loud in many places, and getting choked up at others. It was hard to see characters that I have grown up with dying by the handfuls, but the things that they did, and the feats that they accomplished were such a fitting end to them. This entire book was pure, unadulterated, fan service from page one to the end.I knew that you were strong but Wow I hadn't envisioned it to be like that!!!!

It certainly feels like one. The orchestral piece was premiered and recorded in at the Beall Concert Hall. In the end, triumph over the Shadow can only be bought at the price of hundreds of thousands of brave, heroic lives. If you've made it this far in the series, you will not be disappointed. And this is where I start to gush