The Government Inspector. (or The Inspector General). By Nikolai Gogol (c) . Translated here by Arthur A Sykes Arthur Sykes died in Nikolai Gogol's satirical Russian classic has also been translated in English under the titles The. Inspector General and The Inspector. The Government. Gogol is best known for his short stories, for his play Revisor (; The Government Inspector, or The Inspector General) and for Myortvye dushi (; Dead.

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Complete summary of Nikolai Gogol's The Government Inspector. eNotes plot summaries cover all print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire Study. For the online version of BookRags' The Government Inspector Premium Study .. The Government Inspector, by Nikolai Gogol, has also been translated into. attend The Government Inspector. First Folio assumes is the government inspector. . .pdf.

What, a Revizor? Yes, an Inspector from Petersburg, incognito. With secret instructions, too. Well, I declare! We've escaped hitherto, so now it's our turn! Good Lord! I had a sort of presentiment of it: all last night I dreamt about a pair of monstrous rats. Upon my word, I never saw the like of 'em—so black and enormous.

They came, and snuffed about, and vanished Here's a letter which I will read you from Andrei Ivanovich Chmikov. This is what he says: "My dear friend, my comrade and benefactor Osip encourages his master to leave the town, for their treatment is too good to be true.

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Khlestakov grumbles a bit, but he decides that this is best. He has realized by this point that the officials seem to think he is someone he is not, and he has a laugh at their expense.

He writes a letter to a friend making fun of the people here, marveling at how they mistook him for someone he was not. Osip mails the letter at the post office. He agrees to see them out of curiosity, and they express how terribly the Mayor treats them.

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Khlestakov is sympathetic at first and gives hollow promises to do something for them all, but he eventually grows weary of their whining and orders Osip to get rid of the crowd. Marya comes down to see where her mother is and encounters Khlestakov. He flirts incessantly with her and tells her he loves her. He gets on his knees before her, which is the position he is in when Anna bursts in.

She is indignant and orders Marya away. Khlestakov thinks to himself that Anna is more attractive than her daughter, and he begins to direct his attention to her instead.

Marya returns and sees Khlestakov begging Anna for her attention, and she is aghast. Khlestakov changes course again and says that of course he is here for Marya, who is now relieved and charmed.

Anna is glad that her daughter will putatively marry rich.

The Mayor returns to the house and tells Khlestakov, in a fervor, not to believe any of the shopkeepers. He is pleased to learn moments later that his daughter is to marry Khlestakov. However, Khlestakov tells them he must go on a short journey to see his rich uncle, assuring them that he will be back very soon. He asks the Mayor for a bit of traveling money, and the Mayor happily assents.

They all bid goodbye. The Mayor and Anna discuss their glorious new life in St. Petersburg, and the Mayor is even more pleased when he addresses his wayward shopkeepers and bullies them into apologizing. The Postmaster arrives abruptly with a letter he found, sent from Khlestakov to his friend in St.

A Government Inspector

In the letter, Khlestakov laughs that he has been mistaken for a government inspector, insulting them all and gloating over his good fortune. The Mayor and the others are shell-shocked, full of blame and despair.Gogol's play presents us with a context which we can casually dismiss as ancient history. As a pupil he aaed and directed plays from the classical repertoire and was, without exception, considered a great comic actor and a superb reader - the theater became an absorbing interest. He asks the Mayor for a bit of traveling money, and the Mayor happily assents.

If we do not face art's imaginary problems and call them our own, our children may inherit our masks instead of our wisdom. Was this a farce? Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Khlestakov enjoys the way he is being treated—showered with food, drink, a warm bed, and many accolades. It has been a great challenge for The Selwyn House Senior Players to identify these elements honestly within their own contemporar ' reality in order to bring life to an imaginary Russian village. Artists in all these different fields are faced with the same question: 'how can I re-direa my lens in order to bounce reality's beam?