KWH. #PDF~ Radical Evolution Free. Detail ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ ○. Author: Joel Garreau Pages: pages Publisher: Broadway Books. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #0ab Radical Evolution: The Promise And Peril Of Human By Joel Garreau EBOOK EPUB site PDF. Of Enhancing Our Minds Bodies What It Means To Be Human Joel Garreau to read, means to be a human. radical evolution joel garreau pdf download radical.

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In Radical Evolution, bestselling author Joel Garreau, a reporter and editor for the Washington Post, shows us that we are at an inflection point in history. As you. Bodies What It Means To Be Human Joel Garreau by garfstontanguicon.ga Studio means to be a human. radical evolution joel garreau pdf download radical. by joel garreau. the promise and peril of enhancing our minds, our bodies- and what it means to be a human. radical evolution joel garreau pdf download.

But the difference between this touching tableau and similar ones in the past is that in this scenario — factually grounded in technologies already in development in the early years of the 21st century — changes in human nature are readily available in the marketplace.

She is competing with those with the will and wherewithal to adopt them.

But actually dealing with some of her new classmates is decidedly strange. They have amazing thinking abilities. They have photographic memories and total recall. They can devour books in minutes. They talk casually about living a very long time, perhaps being immortal. One of her new friends fell while jogging, opening up a nasty gash on her knee. Your daughter freaked, ready to rush her to the hospital. But her friend just started at the gaping wound, focusing her mind on it.

Within minutes, it simply stopped bleeding.

Radical Evolution

This same friend has been vaccinated against pain. She never feels acute pain for long. These new friends are always connected to each other, sharing their thoughts no matter how far apart, with no apparent gear. Which it does. They joke about getting rid of the beds in their cramped dorm rooms, since they use them so rarely.

It is about human transformation. What happens as we muck around with the most fundamental aspects of our identity? What if the only thing that is truly inevitable is taxes? What wisdom does transhuman power demand? If this science works in humans, it opens the way for two gay males to make a baby, each contributing 50 percent of his genetic material — and blurring the standard model of parenthood.

Call that The Heaven Scenario. The second is the one in which in the next 25 years or so, humanity meets a catastrophic end.

Call it The Hell Scenario. It is the one we might call The Prevail Scenario. If you have a choice between starting your story with a telekinetic monkey or an attractive teenager in a wheelchair whose life might be changed by the technology the monkey represents, you have to lead with the bright young woman every time.

One night, he was led to a subterranean cavern and introduced to an ancient Egyptian wizard. For 3, years this mage had battled evil with the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the stamina of Atlas, the power of Zeus, the courage of Achilles, and the speed of Mercury. Tales have been told about them now for 3, years. They were the greatest pioneers ever to light out for the Territory.

They included Amphiaraus, the seer; Atalanta of Calydon, the virgin huntress and only woman; Caeneus the Lapith, who had once been a woman; Calais, the winged son of Boreas, the north wind; Heracles of Tiryns Hercules , the strongest man who ever lived and the only human to be granted immortality among the gods; Periclymenus, the shape-shifting son of Poseidon who could take any form in battle; and 44 more.

For his program managers have been handed the keys to all creation and asked if they would like to take it out for a spin.

Unquestionably, no. Not all. The National Science Foundation. Or venture capitalists, more to the point.

We even have a bioethicist on staff. At the flat bottom of the S, you have a period of stability such as the early s. You leave that for the rapid change represented by the steep middle of the S.

Then things level out at the top of the S. But he turned out to be too conservative. The computer industry regularly beats its clockworklike month schedule for price-performance doubling.

Whether our will can shape limits is the core issue of the rest of this book. To get from the formation of the Earth to the first multicellular organisms took perhaps 4 billion years. Getting from tiny organisms to the first mammals took million years. Getting from mammals to the first primitive monkeys took million years.

Getting from hominids to walking erect took 16 million years. Getting from walking erect to humans painting on cave walls at Altamira, Spain, took 4 million years.

Getting from cave painting to the first permanent settlements took some 10, years. Getting from settlements to the invention of writing in Sumeria took about 4, years. At that point, biological evolution was trumped by cultural evolution. We could now store, recall and widely share our thoughts and insights.

Intelligence became less the property of isolated bands and more the sum of civilization. As humans increasingly became capable of acting collectively, they could make advances in the arts, sciences and economics far beyond the capabilities of any individual, and The Curve really started to take off. Four thousand years to the Roman Empire, 1, years to the Industrial Age, years to the moon and 20 more years to the Information Age. Where we now find ourselves.

Wondering if and how this Curve ever stops and whether or not we like this game. Thinking about whether we are about to enter another transition. Considering the likelihood that we are engineering our own evolution.

First there are the Innovators 2. For you, the revolution has occurred. The machines have not only changed you, they have become you. You have become Borg. Not metaphorically, but in a way as real and tangible as that keyboard you clutch.

Resistance, apparently, is futile. It use to be that societies preserved their traditions and transmitted their values by telling stories about their past. We started exploring and explaining ourselves by telling stories of our future.

In those realms, singularities are the points where everything stops making sense.

It is the place beyond which you cannot escape. Scenarios are rigorous, logical, but imaginative stories about what the future might be like, designed to help people plan. Scenarios are not predictions. They are tools for preparation. Simulators do not predict the future; they allow those who use them to carefully and calmly anticipate and rehearse their response to almost any sudden eventuality.

Think of them as idea maps. Scenarios have rules: They must conform to all known facts. For example, a predetermined element of a U. For example, a critical uncertainty about any U.

Radical Evolution

For example, no one expects the U. For example, professional political operatives have known for decades that in a close presidential race, the mathematics of the Electoral College is such that if one party has California and the other has Texas, the outcome likely will be decided in Florida.

The Curve Scenario In this scenario, information technology continues to explode at a rate comparable to that from through the early 21st century. These unprecedented rapid doublings of information power and dramatically reduced costs continue to spawn new transformative technologies, such as genetics, robotics and nanotechnology. Those in turn also proceed to grow at an unprecedented rate, merging and intertwining to produce novel opportunities and challenges.

Within the current human generation, these events transform society and ultimately test the meaning of human nature itself. Predetermined elements: There are Curves of exponential change.

Many of these describe the realities of technology. These Curves especially describe the increase in capabilities of information technology. The three greatest conceivable situations, for the human life, is Heaven, Hell and Prevail situation. Every situation, which the creator predicts in factor ways, has confirmation, proof, insights and reports to help their feeling.

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The Heaven Scenario as postulated by Evolution is a prediction where humanity combines with technology and attains practical immortality by escaping the limitations of chaotic evolution. Humanity holds control over all technological tools. The moral insinuations of exerting the power of technology dutifully will be a part of the human cultural evolution which occurs hand- in-hand with human-created technology improvement. We will not bow down to Robot Overlords.

Rather, respect for humanity will be built into the artificial intelligence we create. Our technology will remain a tool for humanity to use, not having a will skilled of surpassing the will of humanity. When some humans combine completely with their machines, perhaps even losing the physical bodies we recognize as a human, they will act as caretakers for those who choose to linger fully human.

This will be a trifling task in the grand outline of their evolved lives. An assortment of robots as of now exists in our reality.About Radical Evolution In Radical Evolution, bestselling author Joel Garreau, a reporter and editor for the Washington Post, shows us that we are at an inflection point in history.

Many of these describe the realities of technology.

Which of these predictions do you see as most likely? Rather, they are more than enormous new centers of commerce that have sprung up in the last 30 years — places like Silicon Valley in California and the Route corridor near Boston. Future thoughts include robots that deal with their own requirements for vitality and repairs.

If this science works in humans, it opens the way for two gay males to make a baby, each contributing 50 percent of his genetic material — and blurring the standard model of parenthood. One afternoon last fall, I was preparing for a parent-faculty meeting and chatting with the novelist Adrienne Garreau, whose husband Joel was working on a new book.