Regenerating Monstrosity: A monstrous masterpiece from the breeding pits of the Clans. Moulder, the flesh of a Brood Horror can reknit almost as fast as it can. This free PDF download contains updated Warscrolls allowing you to use your collection of Forge World monsters to tell epic stories using the Warhammer Age . Welcomeone and at to Monstrous Areanum - Eien Rosma no on. For wo Battlefield Ji World Radions scrolls are nothing in truth cxt:"P": " " in the hand of us.

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Monstrous Arcanum - Forge World Warhammer - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Monstrous Arcanum - Forge World. Warhammer - Monstrous - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Argel_Tal · Zombe Pirates - Conquest of the New World. Uploaded by. Forge World monsters of all kinds and sizes. WARNING: The Monstrous Arcanum has been rewritten for AOS2. .. models costs more. https://www.

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As always, use its Bravery-reducing ability to its fullest and it won't disappoint you. Incarnate Elmental of Fire: A weird Monster, in the sense that it's great not in melee, but in ranged combat. It makes lots of pretty good shooting attacks, that at -1 Rend are the utter bane of hordes.

Somehow slow for a Monster, but good both at range 18" max and at close combat you can shoot into melee. All in all, very versatile and quite powerful.

Magma Dragon: Preeeesenting the king of Monsters, the Godzilla of Age of Sigmar, the nastiests non-named thing you can put on the table! But like the sphinx you can just fly here and there killing any and all things with a supersonic 16" Move at top form and droves of obscenely powerful attacks.

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All at 20 wounds, like you were the Everchosen or something. This thing is for the guy who despises complicated plans and sissy synergies, and just wants to go for the throat with the biggest and baddest Monster around. Be aware, though, that it costs points, so avoid things that can tarpit your Megazord for some turns, or disable it with some tricky spells or abilities, while the opponent takes care of the rest or your quite possibly outnumbered army.

Still, with your power and speed, not many things can do that Also regenerates when inflicting damage and ignores water and swamp-type scenery.

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It's also very fluffy with a Dark Elves army, because their pirates used to hunt and use these things when there were no Stormcast Eternals around, and Dhorghar had size insecurities when looking at Deathclaw. Troggoth Hag: Next time you need to subdue a raging boner, just remember the Troll Hag's hanging breasts and you'll lose it, guaranteed. And not only that, this lady is incredible in the tabletop too.


She has an amazing shooting attack, amazing protection, amazing regeneration, and and amazing spell. Giving -1 to Hit AND Save rolls will turn an elite unit into a mediocre and weak-ass one, and it's effectively two spells in one by itself. And the Hag can even kill Wizards while unbinding their spells! Her only weakness is perhpas her slowness, so make the way clear for her and she'll be your sweetheart. Don't think of her as some random useful Monster, think of her as a centerpiece unit that can give you the game if you use her well.

Greenskinz [ edit ] Rogue Idol: Powerful and hardy, but quite slow and random. It still does provide very useful bonuses for Greenskinz and it's no slouch in combat, if it ever reaches the enemy lines instead of chasing a Gryph-Hound or something. Can be very good, but it requires some care and finesse. The great thing about it is that if it manages to wound something with its soothing attack, then that unit has -1 to hit until your next Hero Phase.

Teleport it near some crucial enemy unit, shoot it and reduce the accuracy of its guys, then charge it with some other nearby unit to guarantee a nasty battle. Problem is that you have to set the Preyton up on your first movement phase, and that its shooting attack it's very weak, but it's still a pretty versatile and useful Monster.

Skin wolves: Warhammer werewolves, but they're not Death nor Beastmen units, but Chaos, remember it. They're fast and reasonably damaging, but quite fragile, so you'll have to part with them very soon. Their double leaping pile-in can be useful to attack Heroes hiding in a unit, or even avoid them and start killing the unit itself.

Warpfire Dragon: The weird cousin of the Carmine and Magma dragons, that tries to be useful but ends up causing disasters everywhere he goes.


If your opponent has some elite ultra-armoured big unit, he can make a good name for himself, though, because he spits mortal wounds by every orifice of his body. Brood Horror: A pretty lame at everything giant mutated rat. It's a Skaven Moulder, so you can buff it with some minis, but very unremarkable and ability-less overall. Skaven warlord on Brood Horror: Not many people know this, but giant mutated rats become pretty good when crazy ratmen mounts them.

This pair is great in Verminus armies, and pretty useful in other Skaven armies just don't make him your General then.

Skaven Wolf Rats: Light cavalry, more or less, for the Skaven Moulder faction. Incredibly vulnerable outside of combat, but pretty decent if they reach melee with their 10" Move. Good as distraction, but don't rely on them. By the way, they aren't a Monster, so who invited to this party? Curs'd Ettin: Pretty fast, but badly armored, and not killy enough.

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A little lame, but it's a Mortal Chaos unit, so you can make it better with some Slaves of Darkness things. But you can't give him a Chaos Mark, so it'll never be truly useful, I fear. Like most Death units, they can be summoned, but do not ever do this, as playing a Mourngul is already a dick move, but summoning one will result in your opponent flipping the table. Why is the thing so dangerous?

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Well, like all the other Ethereal stuff, its Save is unaffected by Rend. As if this was not enough, it has 10 Wounds and regenerates in every turn it killed stuff, which will happen. A lot.

It only has one weapon profile, but that one is a doozy, with lots of high Rend, high damage attacks that have a chance to generate extra attacks that have a chance to generate extra attacks. It also lowers the to-hit rolls of nearby units by one awesome , or by two if they have 6 or less Bravery, so if you can lower their Bravery with something a Screaming Skull Catapult, some banners, etc it becomes almost immortal.

In other words, most enemies cannot hurt it reliably and if they don't kill it fast enough, it'll charge them, eat their sorry asses and fully recover. Fast, fragile, and nothing to write home about in melee.

But it has an awesome ranged attack, so keep him close to the enemy, but well protected, and it'll do wonders.

Bonegrinder Giant: Quite fast and powerful overall. Otherwise a pretty vanilla Monster.

Dread Maw: It's also pretty fast, ignores terrain when moving, and can teleport to within 6" of any table edge and more than 9" from the enemy. Why bother around the mountain when you can fly over it.

Another key tactic of them is terror, which works best when flanking, however none of the units they have that cause terror are particuarly good at flanking, another scenario the Jabberslythe would be great for. And to pair with their currently fairly lackluster lords on the damage dealing side of things, im pretty sure the toung attack would work as good single target damage, like spirit leech, so that if you brought it your lord would have a bit of an edge over the enemies I know some of this is nitpicky but the point stands that it would be useful.

So killing missiles and artillery all while terrorizing the front line and having the ability to shoot at single unit entities to help out the armies lord.

Thats quite a bit of utility they dont get from anything else they have harpies but they are likely going to get shot down before they get the little bit of work they are able to do done Yeah, I think we're on the same page as far as rushes go.

Terror is nice, no doubt about it, but it gets no benefits for being used while flanking.

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The problem with its use in the air is that you cant contest the skies and hence using a single model flyer is tremendously risky. Harpies are cheap and expendable.Can be very good, but it requires some care and finesse. When unleashed upon an enemy force, the fire within them rages into existence and they become mindless, elemental forces of destruction that few mortals can hope to survive.

I think it quite adds something to the model. As I mentioned in a previous post, I have But it has an awesome ranged attack, so keep him close to the enemy, but well protected, and it'll do wonders. I did well in regular season going 6 wins, 1 loss, and Bestiary - A list of the units, characters and war machines that can be chosen for use in a battle. Also its not very helpful if you're trying to take larger units of Fimir, as keeping them all within 12" gets clunky.

But like the sphinx you can just fly here and there killing any and all things with a supersonic 16" Move at top form and droves of obscenely powerful attacks. This was for two reasons.